Fairey Surveys pension plan

However long ago you worked for Fairey Surveys, if you paid into their pension scheme you may well be eligible for a pension, even if it’s tiny.  If you think you may be eligible, or have forgotten whether you contributed or not, you can get in touch with the pension administrators, contact details below:

The Pearson Group Pension Plan
Pearson Services Ltd
80 Strand
Telephone: +44 20 7010 2424
Email: pensions.helpline@pearson.com

New role for Charlie Alpha

Message received from Elain Amos dated 3rd March 2013:

Greetings from Lelystad – here for 2 months to do low level photo of parts of NW Netherlands. In the aviation museum at the airport found a photo of their (orange) DC3 which was originally G-AMCA. It’s not here, currently starring in a musical of the \’Solider of Orange\’ at the ex Valkenburg Air Force Base


Here it is pictured at Lelystad.

Roy Macdonald passed away on 14th February 2013

It is with great sadness that we have to report that Roy Macdonald died on 14th February 2013.

Maureen Groves, Roy’s daughter, emailed John Tompkins with the information, and a request that the information be distributed to all his friends from Fairey Surveys.  The family hope that some of them will be able to make the journey to Bangor to join them in celebrating his long and happy life.  John is sending a card to Flora on behalf of all friends from FSL.

There is a video about Roy on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com).  Search for ‘Roy Macdonald – the first 90 years’.  It was uploaded on 6th August 2010, so we presume that Roy was 92 when he died last Friday.

Attached are details of the service to celebrate his life, for those who would like to attend.

Roy Macdonald – Announcement Card

We would be really happy to upload any pictures, information or anecdotes about Roy onto the website for everyone to share.  Please use the ‘Contact’ form on the website to let us know what you would like to pass on, and we’ll get in touch to let you know where to send it.

Reunion 2012

Pictures from the reunion held at White Waltham in July 2012.  Please let us have any other pictures you have, with a note of who is in the pictures.