Air Surveyor magazines

The Air Surveyor was a quarterly magazine with articles written by staff from all departments and locations from 1957 to 1960, and distributed internally.  Lots of in jokes and clever line drawings – even a crossword.

News Bulletin No 1 – 31st Mar 1957     The title wasn’t fixed, and there was a competition for the name of the new bulletin – prize 200 cigarettes!  None of the suggestions for a title was felt to be entirely suitable (Fairey Tales from Fairchild Aerial Surveys, Fairey Stories from Gillian Waring, F.A.S. Mosaic from Fred Crooks …) so the Managing Director selected the title of “The Air Surveyor”.  The 200 cigarettes were given to Gillian Waring and Fred Crooks, to be shared equally.

Air Surveyor No 2 – 31st Jul 1957

Air Surveyor No 3 – 31st Oct 1957

Air Surveyor No 4 – Christmas 1957

Air Surveyor No 5 – 31st Mar 1958

Air Surveyor No 6 – 30th Jun 1958

Air Surveyor No 7 – September 1958

Air Surveyor No 8 – December 1958

Air Surveyor No 9 – Spring 1959

Air Surveyor No 10 – Autumn 1959

Air Surveyor – Spring 1960    No number on this edition – was this the last?  Let us know if you have any others.

Internal FSL newsletters

These were the typed documents circulated just to the staff, with information on where the operations people were, what the departments were doing, and joiners and leavers.  If anyone has kept any other editions, please let us borrow them to scan and include here …

FSL Company News 248 7Sep72

Edition 256 was very faint, and in parts very difficult to read when scanned, so it has been retyped and included as a Word document, below.  The original scanned paper copy is also attached as a PDF document, in case any errors have been introduced in the retyped copy.

FSL Company News 256 23Aug72

Original scanned paper copy below:

FSL Company News 256 23Aug72

FSL Company News 258 3Nov72

FSL Company News 272 12Mar73

FSL Company News 299 6Sep73

FSL Company News 325 21Dec73