Internal FSL newsletters

These were the typed documents circulated just to the staff, with information on where the operations people were, what the departments were doing, and joiners and leavers.  If anyone has kept any other editions, please let us borrow them to scan and include here …

FSL Company News 248 7Sep72

Edition 256 was very faint, and in parts very difficult to read when scanned, so it has been retyped and included as a Word document, below.  The original scanned paper copy is also attached as a PDF document, in case any errors have been introduced in the retyped copy.

FSL Company News 256 23Aug72

Original scanned paper copy below:

FSL Company News 256 23Aug72

FSL Company News 258 3Nov72

FSL Company News 272 12Mar73

FSL Company News 299 6Sep73

FSL Company News 325 21Dec73


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