Party for ‘Tommy’ Thompson in Maidenhead, 1967

This photograph was in the album of Southern Rhodesia photographs from John Keay, passed on by Lawrence Scott.  It seems more appropriate here!

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Party for 'Tommy' Thompson in Maidenhead

Fairey Challenge Cup winner July 1962

This photograph was sent in by Jim Symonds.  The Fairey Air Surveys team won by ten wickets in the Fairey Challenge cup played at Hayes in 1962!

Fairey Challenge Cup winners
Fairey Challenge Cup winners
Back row (left to right):  ?, Tony Walker, Malcolm Eaton, Tony Phillips, Jack Briggs, ?
Front row (left to right): ?, Peter Challis, Basil Wheeler, Peter Forsey, Jim Symonds

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White Waltham crew – December 2012

Attached is a photograph from the recent get together in White Waltham, courtesy of Graham Bridges and John Tompkins.  The message is for Bob Purcell, who couldn’t be there.  Click on the photo for a full size picture.

From the left:-
Don Green, Brian Corbin, Lawrence Scott, Jean Fostekew, John Tompkins, Tony Bamford, Ken Fostekew, Ken Ullersperger, Geoff Milsom, Graham Bridges, Adrian Workman, Bob Berriss

Reunion 2004

Pictures from the reunion at White Waltham in July 2004

Reunion 2012

Pictures from the reunion held at White Waltham in July 2012.  Please let us have any other pictures you have, with a note of who is in the pictures.