RL04 Dakota G-ALWC history

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  1. I flew in “Whisky Charlie” in the ’60s with Freddie Worton as Trials Manager. I was working for the Williamson Manutacturing Co. and we were trialling various aircraft cameras, including ones destined for the early TSR2 (axed by the Govt. before completion). We also trialled the panoramic camera for the MRCA (Multi Role Combat Aircraft) which I believe was a co-operative effort with France, and the F45 6inch survey camera for Victor bombers. The TSR2 cameras we took, in Whisky Charlie, to Malta for part of the tests.
    Happy days!!

  2. I flew in ‘Whisky Charlie’ in 1956 when I was an apprentice electronic engineering at EMI. We used it for equipment trials from White Waltham which involved low altitude flying. I was amazed to find it still exists!

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