Fairey Surveys used and made some very specialised equipment.  Here are pictures and information about some of it (click on the name or the photo for the full view).  Tony Furneaux and Adrian Workman provided the photographs, and Derek Minter and Lawrence Scott contributed the brochures.

Stereoviewer                                (Clyde Surveys version)

Fairey Stereoviewer brochure      (Fairey Surveys version)


Fairey Additive Viewer

Fairey Additive Viewer brochure  (Mk 2: The first picture is slightly different, with an extra interface, and the weight has more than doubled – FSL Newsletter 18 has details of the changes)

Fairey Plotterscope brochure


Vibration isolator unit

The photo of the camera without operator, AW17, was designed to be installed in an RAF Scout helicopter and used to take oblique photographs at long range.  It shows the vibration isolator unit which the camera is mounted on. The five photographs AW15,16,18,19 & 20 are parts of a typical vibration isolator unit that were made in the R&I Department.



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