Fairey News / Fairey Review

Fairey News was the newsletter of the Fairey Group, and had items from all the subsidiary companies.  Fairey Review was an earlier incarnation of the same thing, but much bigger and glossier.  We have only one copy of Fairey News, from 1972, and two copies of the Fairey Review, courtesy of Lawrence Scott, from December 1960 and June 1964.

The content covers the very varied and specialised work done by the Fairey Group: beer kegs from Fairey Stainless, power boats from Fairey Marine, air and ground survey work by Fairey Air Surveys for the Maidenhead bypass (first bit of the M4?), nuclear, military and radio telescope work from Fairey Engineering, and much more.

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Fairey News 5 – Spring 1972

Fairey Review Vol5 No5 – June 1964

Fairey Review Vol3 No4 – December 1960