Ian Smith 06

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  1. Hello,

    I chanced across your photo while surfing. The visible ‘OGB’ suggests that these are the mortal remains of Tiger Moth G-AOGB. Public info on the CAA’s website shows that, after leaving RAF service, this Tiger was initially registered to Fairey Aviation between 17-11-55 and 20-6-61; ownership then changed to Westland Aircraft Ltd (Fairey Aviation Division, Hayes) . It seems that it was White Waltham-based. The date of the photo would have been 19-4-62. Following stalling and spinning in at Uffington, Berks, I doubt if the 2 occupants ‘walked away from it’ but they certainly survived!

    I hope this is useful – more here

    Kind regards,

    Ron Henry

    1. Legend has it that this DH 82 was based at White Waltham with the Fairey flying club one of two “Tigers” along with a Tipsy B and an Auster. The pilot was Tom Hine who allegedly was on a cross country exercise for his PPL and spun in. Tom survived but badly injured. Many years later Tom came to the Fairey Surveys Geophysics department but has since passed away.

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