Photographs of Mervyn Hulland, flight engineer

These photographs were sent by Steve Hulland, Mervyn’s son.  Mervyn worked for Fairey Air Surveys/Fairey Surveys from about 1955 to 1966, when the family emigrated to South Africa.  They came back a few years later, and Mervyn worked on development for deHavilland on the TSR2 in Bristol, and also for Atlas Aircraft Corporation on the Impala.

Most of the photographs are unlabelled, but quite a few appear to have been taken in Kenya.  Any help identifying places or people would be appreciated.

Mervyn Hulland_0001Mervyn Hulland_0002Mervyn Hulland_0003Mervyn Hulland_0004Mervyn Hulland_0005Mervyn Hulland_0006Mervyn Hulland_0007Mervyn Hulland_0008Mervyn Hulland_0009Mervyn Hulland_0010Mervyn Hulland_0011Mervyn Hulland_0012Mervyn Hulland_0013Mervyn Hulland_0014Mervyn Hulland_0015Mervyn Hulland_0016Mervyn Hulland_0017Mervyn Hulland_0018Mervyn Hulland_0019Mervyn Hulland_0020Mervyn Hulland_0021Mervyn Hulland_0022Mervyn Hulland_0023Mervyn Hulland_0024Mervyn Hulland_0025

This postcard was interesting – no change in aerial photography problems!

Mervyn Hulland_0027Mervyn Hulland_0026

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