Extract from Air Annual of the British Empire 1929

This extract looks at the early development and techniques of air survey, with illustrations and photographs.  There is a section on Air Survey, written by R C Kemp, then Managing Director of Air Survey Company Ltd, and talks about the techniques of air survey, and also about the Air Survey Company.  The next section on Air Survey and Empire Development was written by Colonel H L Crosthwait, a Director of the Aircraft Operating Company Ltd, and talks about the application of air survey to the infrastructure and economy of the British Empire.  The third section is on Air Survey and Air Photography by Major C K Cochran-Patrick about the benefits of using air photography for mapping in undeveloped countries, and lastly one page on Air Photography, which is effectively an advert for Aerofilms.

The scan isn’t wonderful, as the book (from Ken Fostekew) is old and fragile, but it is reasonably legible.  At the front and back of the book are 30-odd pages of advertisements, which read like a history of British aviation, with advertisements for de Havilland Moths, Rolls Royce aero engines, Stanford maps, Marconi wireless equipment and even Flight Magazine.

Air Annual of BE 1929 extract

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