Marketing brochures from Fairey Surveys and Clyde Surveys

The first two brochures are from Derek Minter’s files.  The Fairey Surveys brochure must be dated between 1977 and 1980, with Lawrence Scott as Managing Director after W. P. Smith moved to the Ordnance Survey.  The Clyde brochure has a date of March 1980, after the takeover of Fairey Surveys by Clyde.

Fairey Surveys grey brochure

Clyde Surveys blue brochure

The next brochure is a Profile of Fairey Surveys Limited, dated 1979.  It is a substantial document, with details of all the services offered by FSL, and sample map sheets.  This comes from Lawrence Scott’s files.  It’s a big document, so it may take a few minutes to open – view with Adobe Reader if you are given the option.

Profile of Fairey Surveys Limited – 1979

The following brochures are also from Lawrence Scott’s files, and mostly come from the late 70s, before the Clyde takeover, though the Humber Bridge surveying brochure is dated 1973.

Landsat Products Service brochure

iges brochure

Airborne Heat Loss Surveys brochure

Contour Modelling brochure

Engineering Survey brochure

Humber Bridge Surveying brochure

Urban Control Network Survey brochure

Silver FSL marketing brochure

This is Fairey Surveys brochure

Fairey Stereoviewer brochure

Fairey Plotterscope brochure

Fairey Additive Viewer brochure